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April 29, 2010

Siri – the next gen web app

siriSiri is a spin-out of the Darpa-funded CALO project. Its primary focus had been Conversational Interface,  Personal Context Awareness – kind of moving the web Interface from a search based – as we know today to an assistance based.

Big players like Microsoft have always been working on the speech recognition technologies but Siri is different. Actually Microsoft did buy out TellMe -Voice Services for Phone-  in 2007. Though this is being touted to be part of the Bing Mobile, there had not been much ado about the same after. Siri brings a different play by merging transparent APIs from a growing ecosystem of partners in the back end. This seems to be a growing list with a wide range of vendors like

When I first learnt about Siri, was really exited, but when I tried to get my hands on the same learnt they were currently developing only for iPhone and iPod. I was very much hoping that they would soon be releasing for other mobile platforms like Symbian [myself being a long time nokia user !] based on the update @ siri site.

The current version of Siri is built for the iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch and works only in the US. Soon, Siri will run on iPhone 3G and additional mobile platforms, as well.

But with today’s news of Apple buying out Siri – not sure how it is all going to unfold. This definitely would be a big plus for apple against google. Apple no longer is the David , and microsoft had never  been the Goliath !

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April 22, 2008

Ray Ozzie continues to Amaze, but Would it Suffice ???


Tech Preview of Microsoft Mesh was launched yesterday. First few glances of Mesh sounds promising (here here and here too). Had been wondering what Ray Oozie was up to all these days. It has been 3 years since he joined Microsoft. And yes he is the same person behind Lotus Notes and Groove.

The former(Notes) was bought by IBM and the latter(Groove) was taken over by Microsoft. Though Ozzie was not able to stick with IBM for long, Lotus Notes did play a vital role in the rebirth of IBM in 90’s. Microsoft was everyone’s Darling then, and IBM was the big bad guy. DejaVu, here we are at the same juncture, only the player are different – Microsoft & Google.

Not that old an Illustration from Wired

Earlier when Ozzie teamed up at Microsoft, he addressed  the 70,000+ members with this Memo.

In 1995, Bill Gates foresaw the Internet tidal wave and pushed his company to adapt. At the time, that seemed prophetic. Today, Ray Ozzie is pushing the same thing, but this time it’s about survival.

Would Ozzie be able to turn the tables for Microsoft ? Time would tell !!!

Update : A diff perspective to Mesh from Joel Spolsky

May 30, 2007

Google Maps better than MS Live Maps – Why !

Cause when I try get directions from a US location to somewhere in UK

Google tells me even where to Jump in the Atlantic Ocean, distance to Swim, and the point to get in @ France.

For the same address MS Live tells me that I’m wrong and asks me to verify the address !

Very Funny !!!

May 29, 2007

iPhone has the best user Interface – Think Again

Apple has always given breakthroughs when it comes to user experience and user interface. The same was true when Jobs announced the iPhone couple of months ago. The user interface seemed to have been a revolution in the mobile space.

Think such an innovation , multiplied by 100 x, add to it a coffee table, a bunch of cameras, a projector and a diffuser may be, throw in Microsoft and vista … bingo what do U get …

welcome to Microsoft Surface Computing …. Sounds really interesting. Takes interaction with computes to a whole new level. Looking forward to how soon this would get commercialized and accessible to everyone.

Watch Demo @ On10.netHere is the update from CNET & Popular Mechanics

P.S : Pretty sure there could be lot of patent overlaps with other major players, hope this comes out soon !

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