Enchanted Rainforest of Hoh

Hidden in the north west corner of Washington state is a treasure of a primeval, temperate & enchanted rainforest – Hoh. Walking thru these forests brings in an overwhelming sense of the timelessness. The huge amounts of rainfall and the storm dumps from the near by pacific ocean results in the lush, green canopy of both coniferous and deciduous species. Layers and layers of green, moist moss adorns the whole place, making even the once dead trees & logs of long time, come alive.

Hoh – The place is whimsical and magical, but is still as much real :)


Canon 7D : Tamron 18-270 mm : ISO 100 : 18 mm : f13 : 10 sec

   Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Forest 
Forks, Washington, USA

17 Responses to “Enchanted Rainforest of Hoh”

  1. No way this is real! Enchanted is the perfect word to describe it.


  2. Lovely photo Sathya. I was there last year, its such a beautiful part of the world. Great photos throughout your blog! Danny


  3. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Magnificent. When I first looked at the photograph, I thought it was a picture of a herd of bison or some animal like that. It truly looks alive. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and unusual picture.


  5. wow di mana letak hutan ini

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  6. wow, love the pic. Beautiful depth of field.

    If you have a chance would love if you visit my blog and checkout some of the pics;)



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