Google Maps better than MS Live Maps – Why !

Cause when I try get directions from a US location to somewhere in UK

Google tells me even where to Jump in the Atlantic Ocean, distance to Swim, and the point to get in @ France.

For the same address MS Live tells me that I’m wrong and asks me to verify the address !

Very Funny !!!

2 Comments to “Google Maps better than MS Live Maps – Why !”

  1. If you like Google Maps, then you should check out the new Street View feature. It’s only available in 5 American cities, but really cool nonetheless – no matter what the guy caught cheating on his wife might say! :-)


  2. I did check out the feature. Though impressive, sometime scares me ! I remember when ppl used to think twice to point their camera on anyone in public (excluding celebrities) . But now it all getting laid out in black and white …
    This post from Mashable has some quiet interesting shots from Google Street Views!


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