The Charisma of Chettinadu – an experience for life

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Chettinadu is a confluence of architecture and food, in the proportion you want. You love to travel, You adore great company, You crave for experiences, You lavish on food – what are you waiting for, just go pick up a trip with Ulaa. I generally plan my trips and travel alone. But this particular trip, went with a group for the first time. And the trip was especially much enriched by the group that came along to share and enjoy the experience.

What follows is an experiential essay with photos :)

Starting off from Madurai, the ride to Karaikudi was filled with warm introductions, handshakes and some snacks. The first check-in at Karaikudi – The Bungala – set a high standard for the whole trip. As with the name, it was one royal experience!  The ambiance, the stay, and the native food were equally splendid.

After a relaxing checking in, sumptuous lunch and some rest, we headed to Kovilur Temple.

The next day started early with a trip to Irani Kovil
and Nemam Kovil. These hidden spots are loaded with treasures. The kids from the nearby villages made the experience enriching.

This was followed by a sumptuous aachi’s breakfast. And back to experiencing some amazing architecture and traditional antiques.

The afternoon was spent wandering and wondering how some of the traditional snacks were made (of course only after indulging in some of those, to hearts content)

The day ended with some terracotta horses followed by another great dinner at Chidambara Vilas.

The next day greeted us with a touch of village life and another traditional Chettinad breakfast! Later in the morning, we were warmly welcomed into the rustic kitchen of Meenakshi Vilas – a two-room home – filled with love – where they cook in one and serve in the other (their living room).

Trip to this area would never be complete without learning how the famous athangudi tiles are made (yeah the same ones that adorn the grand palaces around).

Some places were so rustic, yet so lively …

The trip continued with witnessing some amazing rock-cut temples. Though the age-old sculptures and architecture were amazing, the terracotta horses have their own splendor.

On the day of wrapping up we also got to experience agriculture, the planting, the people and the kids around – first hand.

To conclude: Our trip ended up as a confluence of some amazing travel, enriching experiences, awesome company and last by not least – tasty food.

If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet – Rachel Wolchin

So what are you waiting for, just go make that trip & indulge in Chettinad :)

Note: All photos (but one) shared in this article were shot with Google Pixel 2XL

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