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April 29, 2010

Siri – the next gen web app

siriSiri is a spin-out of the Darpa-funded CALO project. Its primary focus had been Conversational Interface,  Personal Context Awareness – kind of moving the web Interface from a search based – as we know today to an assistance based.

Big players like Microsoft have always been working on the speech recognition technologies but Siri is different. Actually Microsoft did buy out TellMe -Voice Services for Phone-  in 2007. Though this is being touted to be part of the Bing Mobile, there had not been much ado about the same after. Siri brings a different play by merging transparent APIs from a growing ecosystem of partners in the back end. This seems to be a growing list with a wide range of vendors like

When I first learnt about Siri, was really exited, but when I tried to get my hands on the same learnt they were currently developing only for iPhone and iPod. I was very much hoping that they would soon be releasing for other mobile platforms like Symbian [myself being a long time nokia user !] based on the update @ siri site.

The current version of Siri is built for the iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch and works only in the US. Soon, Siri will run on iPhone 3G and additional mobile platforms, as well.

But with today’s news of Apple buying out Siri – not sure how it is all going to unfold. This definitely would be a big plus for apple against google. Apple no longer is the David , and microsoft had never  been the Goliath !

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January 9, 2007

iPod + Phone + Internet = iPhone

Steve’s speech had always been inspiring. If u were not among the lucky few who are currently at Mac World, then you might find this interesting – Live from Macworld 2007: Steve Jobs keynote by Engadget. Wish I could get hold of the video (on demand) during the coming days.

Update : Here is the Keynote (video) from Apple website.

As most of us expected and rumored, the iPhone (I thought iPhone was trademarked by Cisco or rather Linksys) arrives. Some of the interesting things to be noted are

  • iPhone runs on OS X
  • The device has just one button (Home button)
  • Built on Multi-Touch – a new technology being introduced by Apple (This video gets u a feel of what this tech could be)
  • Touch based interaction rather than an expected apple click wheel or regular stylus
  • Quad Band + Edge + WiFi + Bluetooth
  • Only 2 mp Camera (doesn’t Sony have a 3 mp and Nokia a 5 mp camera !)
  • Already partnered with major players like Google, Yahoo and Cingular

Though the closed model is successful for a number of reasons, it just makes one wonder on the number of applications that would be available on iPhone. With the power of OS X, it should be capable of creating any type of application on iPhone. But would there be any fun if apple is the only one, who could do it. Would be interesting to see how this market grows.

Update : Found this podcast at PodTech. It is part of the Keynote.

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P.S : Did u notice that at the end Jobs, announced the change in name from Apple Computers Inc. to Apple Inc. dropping off computer. Is he not suggesting something here ;-)

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