Jot Pro – the only stylus you would ever need (for capacitive touch screens)

Made Possible by Jot Pro on a 2014 Moto X

Made Possible by Jot Pro on a 2014 Moto X

Couple of years back, I fell in love with Samsung Galaxy Note and it S-Pen at the first glance. But was very reluctant to shell out for the Note, mainly due to the proprietary Samsung software & closed ecosystem. At the end decided to pass, in lieu of having the ability to have the latest and the greatest custom ROMs. I had been a happy camper with Moto X series.

Recently, Doodling is something that caught my attention. Additionally, came across a older Note 2 and playing with it felt really good. The form factor and the feel of the pen complimented well for doodling. Even though it was couple of generation old, the feel of the Samsung S pen was superior to any of the capacitive stylus I had used. That led me to explore the options again. It was disappointing that the S Pen could not be used on the capacitive screens (and only works on screens with digitizers).

Around this time, came across Jot – a premium stylus for capacitive touch screens. Given the transparent disc design tip, I was very skeptical. When I came across the Jot pro during the Amazon Prime day sale ($10 Off), went with instinct and was pleasantly surprised.

If u love doodling and addicted it, Jot Pro is totally worth it.

When it comes to styluses one of the most important feature to consider is the tip of the device and the flow it provides. The major benefit of the plastic transparent disc tip of the Jot is the ability to see the entire screen when you’re writing or sketching. I have used a numerous larger rubber-tipped stylus, but they are good only for the occasional signature and games that involved tapping. Writing never felt natural and the sketching was almost impossible.

One of the challenges of drawing on a capacitive touchscreen is finding a stylus that preserves accuracy and visibility. Technically the plastic tip of the Jot isn’t inherently more accurate than a rubber tip, but it definitely feels more precise and under control as it allows to see the point of action of the stroke.

Just give it some practice and it would continue to rock ! It’s an excellent all around stylus and it really shines in precision writing and drawing scenarios due to its ability to allow user to see the entire screen.


Pros :

Highly accurate tip
Low-friction design, slides cleanly on glass screens
Silent when moving nib across the screen
Almost perfect, a highly-recommended stylus if ur are creating media (as opposed to consuming media) on ur touch devices.
Awesome handy tool to doodle

Cons :

Cost [~ 30USD] @ Amazon
One more item to carry (and ensure u don’t lose it). Not small enough to fit in ur tablet or phone


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