Collier’s Guide to Night Photography – A Review

Collier's Guide to Night Photography


If ur an amateur , its a great guide to getting started
If you are pro, its a great guide for reference !


I am not a kind of person who learns by reading books. Don’t get me wrong, I do read a lot, but atleast in photography, it had been more of trial and error learning. I generally score the net for different articles, tips & videos depending on what I was trying to do / capture at that instant. So mostly, it is on the fly learning with respect to photography.

Hence, when I got a request from Collier to review his book (btb it was so nice of you to reach out Grant !!!), I was bit skeptical. But once I started reading, i realized how wrong i was :) It actually kept me occupied for couple of day with 150+ pages.

Most of the information provided in available elsewhere, but this guide is great is refining & pulling it all together, along with personal tips, tricks and details. What I love about this book is how it is all laid out together – Starting from Equipment, Planning, Composition, Tools, Lighting and even details on Post processing. It is one comprehensive guide for night photography [not just stars :)]. Collier had shared a lot of tips from his experience which is quiet helpful. This book also contains some lovely photographs along with the settings to illustrate the items in discussion. Even though u could just print it out, it adds more value to read as an ebook, as it has active links to other articles, web pages of associates tools etc.

This book is jammed pack with great information. There’s a lot of good advice here that will help you plan & execute a successful night shoot. The more I read, the more it was evident that the advice comes from experience and the uncounted hours, he had spent, right in the field. This book definitely, saves all that time, you otherwise might spend crossing that learning curve.


The book is available is 3 different forms / cost
– U can buy download the ebook for $18.95
– U can get the paperback book for $29.95
– U can also get a bundle of eBook + Grant’s video on Post-Processing for $72.95


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