Winter Wonderland

Mt. Rainer receives so much snowfall, that u can enjoy spectacular winter scenery like below, even in July. This was shot when I got a chance to drive up last month. My plans of getting a reflection shot of Mt Rainer during sunrise did not go well, with so much snow at Tipsoo Lake. But as I drove up just a mile ahead, was treated with this wonderful scene. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Just pulled over, parked and spent around an hour to just enjoy the scenery.

The snow probably had melted by now. Couldn’t wait to get back again this month to enjoy some wildflowers and summer hikes. Have you been to Mt Rainer National Park, what is your favorite spot ?!!!

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Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington, USA

8 Comments to “Winter Wonderland”

  1. beautiful picture. No i hae not visited this and my favourite sport is hockey.. :)


  2. I haven’t been but definitely want to get there. Beautiful shot.


    • Thanks Edith :) some time back when u were posting shots labelled Portland, I was looking to suggest some cool spots, only to later realize u were at Portland, Maine. U should definitely plan to visit the northwest !!!


  3. This is pure, pure, pure nature! :) Love the blue, the clean white, and the green trees! A feast for my eyes.

    Thanks for sharing, it’s spectacular!


    • Hi Nandini. Thanks for the compliments !
      It was such a cool scene – the early morning breeze, white blanket of snow, blue sky with fluffy clouds – glad the shot transported u there, even if it was just for a moment :)


  4. Gorgeous shot Sathya! I have never been there but I would like to visit it someday!


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