A Different Perspective

A different perspective of fall colors – sandwiched ! This is from the Scott’s lake at The Three sisters wilderness. This lake is indeed known for the pristine reflection of the three sisters. But when I took a walk around the lake, I were presented with the below scene that beautifully highlighted the fall colors across the other bank. The tall coniferous trees were still dense and green, but really loved how the foliage across the shore was so colorful [best enjoyed at large size].

Lesson learnt – keep walking – keep looking for things that are not prominent. Look out for the different perspective, you will not be disappointed :)

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Scotts Lake, Three Sisters Wilderness
Sisters, OR, USA


12 Comments to “A Different Perspective”

  1. Such a beautiful image, and that’s good advice, to keep walking and looking.


  2. It sort of gives you a perspective of how tall those trees really are!
    Very nice shot and the colours at the bottom too…..
    Good message too – keep looking and you will never be disappointed. Will keep that in mind always.


  3. wonderful panorama, i liked your interpretation, really amazing place


  4. Very colorful!!….soothing for eyes!!..nice..


  5. This is an amazing site. Wonderful work :)


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