The Fall(s) in the fall

Fall season seems to be one of the best seasons to shoot waterfalls. The overcast days, just the right level of water, moderate temperatures that allow you to enjoy the hike up, the colors and leaves – all work in synergy. This week shot is from the Fairy falls from a late evening. The circular polarizer helped enhance the green & yellows, while the ND Filter helped capture the silky smooth water & the textures from the ferns and rocks.

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Fairy Falls, Wahkeena Creek trail
Colombia River George, OR, USA


10 Comments to “The Fall(s) in the fall”

  1. Nice, I can’t quite decide if that leaf is a distraction or a good thing :p


    • @Rifqi – I completely hear u. But I had intentionally wanted to highlight the fall season, may be it could have been composed a little different ! Appreciate ur comments !


  2. Beautiful, the colors and exposure are wonderful. And I like the leaf :)


  3. Seems like mist fall and not a water fall..beautiful!
    A ‘fall’ encaptured in the fall!!


    • Thanks Shree ! It was indeed misty, As per the name – fairy falls – it really looked as if it was falling from the heaven , half covered in mist. Will share the full perspective shot sometime soon !!!


      • Excellent ptoohs – I'm glad that some families take full advantage of all that Fall has to offer, I tend to let it creep up on me and sneak on past and then wish that I had taken the time to enjoy it.


  4. nice observation with innovative ideas to reach der …where life has many into’s connections……..


  5. Wow… That water movement is superb. That leaf makes the shot.


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