Submerged Temple of Talakadu

Talakadu (also known as Talakad) is a town on the banks of the Kaveri river, Karnataka, India. The place is known for temples submerged in sand. It is said to have around 30+ temples under sand. It is surprising to see the geology out here. The powerful Kaveri had helped create the dune like area. There is a little bit of history here, blended with some geology and topped with legends and myths. The bit of history is associated to the place is tied to the Mysore Raja Family of this palace. You can read further about the legend here at wikipedia. This weeks shot is one of the excavated temples, along with the intricate stonework, laid out beautifully in front.


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Lord Vishnu Temple under Sand Dunes
Talakadu, Karnataka, India

12 Responses to “Submerged Temple of Talakadu”

  1. lovely photo


  2. It is amazing that the work on the stones still look intact!


  3. Very nice shot!..Even I had been to this place..but my shots were not unique as this one!…


  4. This is great. What an awesome place. I am headed here next year as part of my backpacking trip! Can’t wait to see this stuff!


  5. Awesome shot you have here!


  6. hey there and thank you for your info – I have certainly picked up something new from right here.



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