Fiery Fall Foliage

The pacific north west is not very well known for fall colors. I feel there are some well guarded secret spots, located in the west cascades and the Willamette National forest areas of Oregon. The scenic drive from Estacada into the cascades is an amazing place to start your fall tour. Highway 224 (Clackamas highway) is a pretty drive following the river. This weeks shot is a view, right from the highway. I couldn’t help myself but take a u-turn and get back to capture this shot, as the late afternoon sun dramatically lit the fall foliage. The 8 second exposure, thanks to the ND Grad filter, helped capture the flow of the water along with the amazing colors.

For folks in the side of the world, experiencing fall – happy travelling and shooting, enjoy the fall as it lasts. And for those who don’t get to see fall colors first hand, welcome to enjoy the same thru the shots !!!

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West Cascades Scenic Byway
Estacada, OR, USA


8 Comments to “Fiery Fall Foliage”

  1. Gorgeous, wonderful colors and exposure!


  2. That is one gorgeous photo– fantastic!!


  3. Oh Beautiful Sathya! I am not sure how to explain this…it seems like a gush of fire, rushing like water…or water fierce and raging with anger so much that it seems to flow like fire………Great shot! You are a magician!

    I just read on facebook today about this thing that is going on (maybe for a long time now I guess and you might know better) – levitation on images using photoshop. No, I don’t use photoshop but some shots were interesting. Like a Matrix movie effect! Although seeing too many of those shots will lose the novelty behind it. Anyway, just a thought I was rambling about…

    Thx for sharing again. Take care.


    • Hi Shree, Always glad to share ! As I was riding on the highway, saw this spot, lit just right, exactly as described by you. I just had to turn back and set for this shot. And am real glad that I did !

      Yeah I do process but only for Dynamic range and curves and cropping if any. I don’t really add or remove or alter elements to extreme from my shot. But yeah levitation shots are kind of interesting, I had come across some in the past, especially this person, rightly called – Levitation Girl – who does just this kind of shots.


  4. Superb Sathya!!!…I dont think I would have enjoyed that place as much as I enjoy looking at this shot!..The imagination and the way you capture every picture is not same with all!!….This is awesome!!!!…


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