Portlandia – A Tribute to Portland

Portlandia Statue, Portland, Oregon, USA

She kneels down
and from the quietness
of copper reaches out.


We take that stillness
into ourselves and somewhere
deep in the earth
our breath becomes her city.

If she could speak
this is what she would say:
Follow that breath.


Home is the journey we make.

This is how the world
knows where we are.


– Ronald Talney
(as seen on the Portlandia’s plaque)



P.S : Incidentally this got published in Schmap Portland Guide (Third Version)

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2 Comments to “Portlandia – A Tribute to Portland”

  1. @ Trevor,
    Tx for dropping by, nice to get to know about ur Photowalking initiative. Wish I were in Portland , or may be we could arrange for some photowalking here @ Salt Lake City :)


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