Temple Square

Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT

Temple Square – An amazingly different place , an entirely new world within the downtown of Salt Lake City, UT. One a beautiful evening with a wonderful sunset – Lush gardens, serene pond, water fountains, iron cast statues – the list goes on …

For other shots of the Temple square, check this out (slide show).

I need to plan on a couple of visits, there is so much more around here.


7 Comments to “Temple Square”

  1. Amazing picture of the place my husband and I were married at! I love the Salt Lake Temple.
    This photo has such a cold feeling, but yet still remains peaceful. Basically how I’m feeling at this time because my Grandma is peacefully taking her last breaths on this earth after many long years of fighting and I’m hundreds of miles away and aching to be by her side.


  2. Amy, my feelings are mixed. Good to hear this pic brings back the memories of ur wedding. Be strong , and wishing ur wish of being with ur Grandma comes true…


  3. Hello, I came across these photos in a search for pictures of the Salt Lake temple and my mom fell in love with the one that you took of the straight shot of the temple. There are two people standing in front of it. I was wondering if there was somewhere that I could purchase a copy of the photo to frame for her for Christmas. I appreciate your time.


  4. Beth,
    Happy that u and ur mom liked these shots of the temple square. I have added the requested shot along with other Temple Square photos here for sale.

    If u need some help ordering, refer to this page (of course, this comes with a satisfaction guarantee).

    If ur having any trouble feel free drop me a note & would take care of it right away.


  5. Hello. I am interested in purchasing this print but I have a few questions. Could you please tell me what is meant by the Metallic and Lustre finish? Also, which dimension is best suited for this print? the 16×20 , the 16×24 or the 24×24 canvas and what exactly is the difference between the 24×24 rolled vs. wrapped? Lastly, what would be the shipping charges?
    Thank you


  6. Jennette,
    U can see get more info on Metallic and Luster finish here.

    Personally 24×24 would be best suited for this Image. Just make sure to Adjust the minimal crop to suite ur taste – to get greater proposition of the sky of a virtual frame of the tree on the other end.

    On the canvas options wrapped is basically canvas mounted on a frame. The Image gets wrapped on the sides. A rolled option comes with additional canvas on the sides that provide u with further framing based on ur needs.

    U can choose various shipping options depending on the timeframe and cost.


  7. What a beautiful sky!


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