My Photography Exposed

EDIT : U can access my Photography @ LikeTheOcean

Added a new static page that links invites you to login in to Flickr to have a look / comment and criticise on my photos.

I felt a pain in the neck whenever, I wanted to invite all my friends using Flickr’s inbuilt Invite Script, which incidentally allows only 3 invites at a time. I had always wanted a work around for this and Flickr did not seem to help on it (after posting on their forums). They are not ready to open this up, to avoid spamming on Flickr.

Anyways this is what I came up with. If you look at the arts section, clicking the photos / signup linkextLink.jpg would take you to Yahoo login page. Once you login with ur Yahoo ID (which eventually is the Yahoo ID, don’t u know Yahoo bought Flickr), you will be redirected to my photostream.

Then you can manually add me as you contact as you wish … If all this sounds complex, ignore it & Just Click ThisextLink.jpg.

UR Comments / Criticisms / Feedbacks are very valuable, do leave a couple of them (either here or on the Flickr SiteextLink.jpg) :)

Note : Since this is not the normal way to invite ppl to Flickr, leave a comment here if there are any issues … like u get a ‘page not found’ sort of thing when u click on the link.


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