Hello World

Hello My World !!!

As any IT professional here is my first blog entry and hence the title Hello World
I had been ,to say, postponing this for couple of years. Each time I start (tried a couple of them from lycos, yahoo, prohosting etc.) I would go till the level of designing the web site and probably drop it, when it comes to hosting, due to various issues like (Ads hovering over my page , no FTP etc , slow page loads, not enough bandwidth etc. etc.)

I had known about blogging for quiet a while , but I stayed a bit away from it, cause it was bit difficult to manage and maintain ur stuff in order. When I came across WordPress. I was quiet surprised with the results. It had the right balance of Web Hosting and Blogging (I would rather write about this in detail later). I am sure with the ease of wordpress, it should not be that pressing on me to have this current ….

Hence here I am, happy with my first blog entry. Wish me the very best. I am planning to add a couple of more static pages as I complete putting my stuff togather.

…….. Keep Visiting ………

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