The Search is On ….

It has been more than 2 months , I seem to have choked , even before starting (to blog).
I was just wondering, may be postponing this online stuff all these days were not due to pain in the tech , but may be just my lazyness. Or was it !!!!
These two months I was mainly bothered by two lines of thought, regarding this online blog !!!!

Do I really want to create an alias to myself or just go with the original self. I saw that I was totally aginst going by an alias, which would eventually build a virtual alter for me. Was there something to loose, going by my real self !!! As Scott McNealy points, ‘Your Privacy is already lost. Get over it.’.
The other one was , is this really adding value to what I am in search of …. the search for that something which gives meaning to your life. I realised that this would be a great window to the world, adding more values to my life, than the routine asks that I find difficult escape.

I came across a wounderful (blog) person , Scoble, while searching online for some stuff. The beauty of blogsphere – links – brought to my attention, a couple of more bloggers – people who by sharing their experince and learning make a difference to the world. I am learning that blogging if done in the right way, would help you build a network to learn / share experiences that would enrich everyones day to day lives.

So here I am , let us see how this round goes ….
BTB the Search is still on …..


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