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April 13, 2012

Mt Hood at Twilight

That is how Customer Support is supposed to be : I host my photos with Smugmug and should say they probably have the best customer service. Generally they respond back to mails within less than an hour and have the overall issue addressed within few hours or maximum a day. This is irrespective of being a weekend or holiday as the support team is spread across the globe.

Recently noticed they had added a real time chat option – for support. I was skeptical, but went ahead and queried to get something taken care of. End of the chat realized the feature (setting my own License Agreement for selling digital downloads, hope they plan for it soon !) was not yet implemented. But the experience was exhilarating. It was kind of magical, the responses were so swift that it felt as if the other person was able read my mind. It was as if the person on other side was able to see and understand what I wanted, before I even sent the message. And just at that moment I realized that is exactly what was happening.  Many times when we try to frame a query we go back and fourth, refining the query – reading it from other end – in real time gives such a advantage in responding appropriately and quickly. Such a small technical workaround to give that speedy experience.

Thanks Ty (Smugmug hero), you made my day. And Smugmug you just rock !!! Thanks again for all the work you folks do …

Weekly Photo – Mt Hood at Twilight

We stopped over at Jonsrud Viewpoint when returning from Mt Hood in the past. It was late in the evening and the sun was pretty much set for the past hour. Being winter with the biting cold and not much light, I was not able to enjoy or appreciate the view. I did make a mental note to return here someday. I was really inspired by Gary Randall’s Mt Hood Shots. It kindled my interests and gave me the last mile push, Thanks Gary ! If u enjoy Mt hood (or landscapes in general) u definitely should check this out. It was nice meeting him in person last week at the Gallery display. Prior to this I did not know that there were gallery displays across town during First Thursdays.

Anyway, for the weekend the forecast was sunny and we were supposed to have some pretty warm weather and we did. I was glad I pushed myself out early. It was magical to watch the river flow from one side, the fog blanket the valley from the other, as the sun was about to peek from behind the peak. The twilight colors lasted a few moments, but was well worth the drive. I present to you Mt Hood at twilight. Wish you a pleasant morning  and a happy weekend ahead !

Jonsrud Viewpoint
Mt. Hood Scenic Byway, Oregon, USA

May 9, 2010

Social Share for Smugmug

As I’m currently setting up the portfolio using Smugmug, was trying to work out on a nifty way of enabling social share on the site [For ppl not aware – Smugmug is a great professional photo hosting site]. Some of the key networking sites that i was looking onto were twitter, facebook, digg, google buzz [though the list in endless, am currently focusing just on these]

After checking out couple of different options , came across css creator –  a great site with lot of information on CSS tips, tricks and article. Was really inspired with the Social Share article – that I decided to replicate the same [is’nt imitation the best form of flattery ;-) ]. If ur looking to use the same in any other website, this article @ csscreator has the details.

Steps for Smug Customization

This post is about adding a nifty menu to the smugmug pro site. When the user clicks on any of the social icons, the current page would be shared in the appropriate service. The below code customized to move the share bar to the top right. The minimize option has been removed as the same is handled with the mouse position. Also it has been updated to hold just four key links. For a live demo u can check out my site. The below steps are specific for smugmug pro setup.

In the Advanced Site-Wide CustomizationClip_61

Add this code at the end of “CSS” Block

Add this code at the end of “Bottom JavaScript” Block

The icon images are from WebDesignerDepot.
The images are stored @ my blogsite as Smugmug does not allow png file type [still wonder why that is the case!!!]
The Code is based from the scripts @ CSS Creator

I’m not an expert with CSS,  hence if there is a better and efficient ways of achieving this, feel free to leave an update in the comments. I know the code is little bulky, since the slide CSS is based on Jquery – but the size is no where close to the high res images that the site crunches. Hope u find this useful to customize ur smug site.

P.S: I have tweaked the above to suite my sites current look @ If u would like to know more about the same, leave a comment below.

EDIT : I have updated the site sometime back and no longer use the script. Drop me a note or comment if u would like a copy of the same.

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October 6, 2008

Smugmug – First Impressions

‘Wow’, ‘Aah’, ‘Great’, ‘Wonderful’ …. [yeah all with caps !!] so goes the first impressions  with Smugmug.

If ur not aware – Smugmug is a family run, self sustaining, non external funded, profitable, web2.0 photo sharing site.

I had known about Smugmug for quiet sometime, but paying for the account, had made me a bit skeptical where there were lot of free alternatives. As I was using Flickr (and am still & will !) was looking for other alternative to load / categorize and share photos. Zooomr was quiet promising a year back. But after its move to Japan(couldn’t agree more with RaohlPop) and no promises or updates on the horizon , lost hope on the same. Wishes for Zooomr to spring back. Only time will tell.

Last week, was pulled back again to Smugmug, by Don’s passion and commitment to online photography and video sharing [if you already have not , definitely check out the video from Vincent using Canon Mark II]. Decided to tryout their photo sharing site. Signed  up for a trial account. The more I played around, the more tempting it became to use. You can use flickr / yahoo / picasaweb, based on what ur using currently, in the coupon/e-mail field & receive 50% off. Grab while it lasts.

Some of the prominent features I liked are [still trying out and finding treasures…]

  • The first statement in their about page – ” Most Internet companies dream of selling to bigger ones, and getting rich. We don’t”. It says a lot.
  • Amazing customer service support. I sent the first e-mail to real people, as the site suggests with a questions and got a reply in less than 10 mins. Later got a note from Markam, Director of BizDev for SmugMug. The query got resolved in the next one hour. It was amazing, considering that I was still having a trial account, and it was after hours, atleast for me – 6PM MST.
  • Amazing flexibility of customization and co branding [only Power and Professional Accounts]
  • Users don’t need to register to view photos / gallery [alongside with options for password protected private galleries]
  • Option to set price and sell photos [only Professional Account]
  • Open API , documentation and support [thru discussion forums, was able to find answers to most of my questions … ]
  • Surprisingly, I found about their offer of free Pro account for anyone developing applications using Smugmug API. Its a win-win for both, nice move. Yes , I am working on something, would definitely write about is once it gets pretty good shape !

My Smugmug account is still under customization and would provide a link once the same is complete.
Link to my Smug Account / Portfolio – LikeTheOcean
Link to the Smug Application – SmugBadge

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