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September 24, 2014

As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning

The perks of shooting out the whole night is that you don’t need to wake up early to catch the sunrise ! After chasing the perseids over the night, it was well worth stopping by at Jonsrud Viewpoint. With a view like this, just a few steps from the parking, this spot never disappoints !

It was quiet cold for a summer morning, the sun was coming up in the horizon and kissing the valley with its golden light. And as if to respond the blanket of fog started rolling, without haste to reveal the Sandy river below. As I walked out that mid summer early morning, this is what I saw !!!

Canon 7D : Tamron 18-270 mm : ISO 100 : 13 mm : f4.5 : 1/750 sec 

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Mt. Hood Scenic Byway, Oregon, USA
April 13, 2012

Mt Hood at Twilight

That is how Customer Support is supposed to be : I host my photos with Smugmug and should say they probably have the best customer service. Generally they respond back to mails within less than an hour and have the overall issue addressed within few hours or maximum a day. This is irrespective of being a weekend or holiday as the support team is spread across the globe.

Recently noticed they had added a real time chat option – for support. I was skeptical, but went ahead and queried to get something taken care of. End of the chat realized the feature (setting my own License Agreement for selling digital downloads, hope they plan for it soon !) was not yet implemented. But the experience was exhilarating. It was kind of magical, the responses were so swift that it felt as if the other person was able read my mind. It was as if the person on other side was able to see and understand what I wanted, before I even sent the message. And just at that moment I realized that is exactly what was happening.  Many times when we try to frame a query we go back and fourth, refining the query – reading it from other end – in real time gives such a advantage in responding appropriately and quickly. Such a small technical workaround to give that speedy experience.

Thanks Ty (Smugmug hero), you made my day. And Smugmug you just rock !!! Thanks again for all the work you folks do …

Weekly Photo – Mt Hood at Twilight

We stopped over at Jonsrud Viewpoint when returning from Mt Hood in the past. It was late in the evening and the sun was pretty much set for the past hour. Being winter with the biting cold and not much light, I was not able to enjoy or appreciate the view. I did make a mental note to return here someday. I was really inspired by Gary Randall’s Mt Hood Shots. It kindled my interests and gave me the last mile push, Thanks Gary ! If u enjoy Mt hood (or landscapes in general) u definitely should check this out. It was nice meeting him in person last week at the Gallery display. Prior to this I did not know that there were gallery displays across town during First Thursdays.

Anyway, for the weekend the forecast was sunny and we were supposed to have some pretty warm weather and we did. I was glad I pushed myself out early. It was magical to watch the river flow from one side, the fog blanket the valley from the other, as the sun was about to peek from behind the peak. The twilight colors lasted a few moments, but was well worth the drive. I present to you Mt Hood at twilight. Wish you a pleasant morning  and a happy weekend ahead !

Jonsrud Viewpoint
Mt. Hood Scenic Byway, Oregon, USA

November 1, 2010

Shivanasamudram (Bharachukki) Falls

This is one of the amazing falls @ 2-3 hrs drive from Bangalore. There are different names around this falls like Bluff, Shivanasamudram, Shivasamudram, Gaganachukki, Bharachukki. Mother Kaveri splits into two major branches creating Gaganachukki and Bharachukki falls. The below is that of Bharachukki , few kilometers to the south-west of the Gaganachukki falls. Even here, the falls is huge (roughly with a width of 850 mts). It is a beautiful panoramic view and with the full flow one can find different kinds of smaller falls. Like Jog falls, not sure if each of these have their own names :).  The center falls is very different in that it creates different levels before flowing and continuing down . To its left are couple of beautiful ones [not with too much of water] and lends itself for longer exposures even during early evenings (as it would be in shade :) ). Onto the right, the rock formation tends to create multiple stepped falls with the right amount of water [will post this some time in future !!!] .

Some suggest to get to the falls before noon as the light would directly be falling on the falls. But for me it is always the dreamy effect and the dusk light that creates the magic. Its worth checking out the larger versions by clicking on the below image.

It is also significant to note that the Asia’s fist hydro electric project was started here in the beginning of the century(1902).

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Shivanasamudram, Bangalore, India
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