Million Shades of Magical Colors

Fall colors do happen in Florida, it just happens in the sky and all around the year :)

The name Sunshine State might bring in memories of crisp & sunny days at beach, but Florida also is the home of some amazing & best sunsets. This was shot at a secluded spot, from a not very well know local beach. The low tide enabled the kids (look close,  there are two of them) to play and venture out for shell combing. As the sun was fading behind the horizon, the entire sky burst in million shades of twilight colors. It was just magical :)

Canon 7D : Canon 10-22 mm : ISO 100: 10 mm : f22 : 6.0 sec

    Sunset Beach
Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA

6 Comments to “Million Shades of Magical Colors”

  1. Beautiful shot Sathya! I used to live about 20 minutes north of Tarpon Springs! That was always a beautiful place for sunsets. I moved to Nashville last December so I don’t get that kind of scenery anymore. But I absolutely love it here. Different kind of scenery now. Still exploring a lot and finding new things all the time.

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    • Thanks so much Michael !
      I moved out here early 2016. Would have loved to catch up in person and shoot some amazing sunsets. Am sure the mountains of Smokies there compensate enough for the amazing light here ;-) Happy Shooting my friend !

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  2. That would have been cool for sure! Yes it’s very beautiful here! Happy shooting to you too. Maybe one day we can meet up and shoot some pictures together.


  3. Gorgeous shot! I love the tree against the colours of the sky!


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