Fall Colors by that Crooked Road

Door County by Hwy 42 in Wisconsin is one of the premier spots for enjoying fall colors. During the peak fall season, any of the country back roads will treat you with a palette of colors, but this crooked road definitely takes the crown.

It really is a neat road, connecting the village of Gills Rock, Wisconsin with the Washington Island Ferry dock at Northport. At the right time, this winding stretch of road is encapsulated by a burst of fall colors. Thanks to the ongoing road work during my visit, it added a rustic feel to the shot !!!


There is no path to happiness
Happiness is the path :) – Buddha


Canon 7D : Tamron 18-270 mm : ISO 100: 119 mm : f5.6 : 1/45 sec

    That Crooked Road 
Gills Rock, Wisconsin, USA

9 Responses to “Fall Colors by that Crooked Road”

  1. I adore Wisconsin in the fall . This is so beautiful


  2. This is indeed very lovely. Great capture. (Suzanne)


  3. This time of year….so many colourful surprises just around the corner…….!


  4. Lovely fall colors. So picturesque!


  5. I love fall colors. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Fabulous – both the road and the colours!


  7. Beautiful by nature, incredible photo by photographer. Thank you for sharing, i like the colors :)



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