Sacred Architecture of Baha’i

Baha’i Temple carries an architecture that successfully incorporates spiritual, artistic, and cultural influences. This architecture aims to unify the people of many different backgrounds and religions & beliefs into one. People of different cultures and traditions can come here to pray, meditate or simply enjoy the tranquility and artistry.

From the first time I visited this place, I had always imagined how divine this place would be with a delicate white blanket of snow. With all the snow lately, the weather was in favor. Though the day was a bit overcast, decided to head up as we just have some good snow showers. I had wanted to capture the mood – the white blanket of snow everywhere – making sure not to blow out the intricate designs on the walls – while still highlighting everything from the symmetry of the temple to the texture of the snow. It was quiet a challenge, but a fun challenge that I sure enjoyed :)

This is my first attempt at black & white. How do u like it ? If you prefer color, check this out for the visual treat from previous spring !

Canon 7D : Canon 10-22 mm : ISO 100 : 10 mm : f16.0 : 4 sec

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Wilmette, Illinois, USA

9 Comments to “Sacred Architecture of Baha’i”

  1. I used to live near Loyola and a few times a week would walk all the way through Evanston along the lake & Northwestern campus to the end of the Yellow line to catch a train back. I always stopped to rest at this temple. I’m not a religious person but found this temple incredibly inspiring from both afar & closeup and always felt welcome there whether it be walking through the landscape or sitting quietly inside.


  2. Beautiful with great words, thanks :)


  3. I love the serenity of this image; both versions are beautiful but this one exudes peace …


  4. Blown away by the beauty of this image. I had a look at the coloured version which, though very beautiful also, did not touch me as much. I really enjoy the piece you write for each one. Nine similar entrances, one for each major religion, is a wonderful idea.
    I would love to visit there one day.


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