Baha’i Temple of worship

An architecture so white, so magnificent, so delicate and so close to Chicago, it has to be the Baha’i temple.

The Baha’i Temple, Chicago is one of only seven Baha’i temples in the world. It is actually the only one in all of North America.  The place is enormous and has 9 almost identical entrances symbolizing the 9 major religions of the world and the fact that all are welcome to worship together at the temple.  It’s really a pretty fascinating place surrounded by sprawling grounds with manicured symmetrical gardens and fountains.

If you had visited the place, you know that the entire temple is pure white. But the twilight, bought in the golden shade and accentuated the intricate work on the walls. I also loved how the lilies complimented the setting sun :)

Canon 7D : Canon 10-22 mm : ISO 100 : 10 mm : f5.6 : 6 sec 

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Wilmette, Illinois, USA

8 Responses to “Baha’i Temple of worship”

  1. BEAUTEOUS SHOT! What’s even more amazing is this place close-up…it reminds me a lot of the Khajaraho Temples (ever been?) I would often just sit outside and marvel at the detail…glad to see you found the place.


    • Hey Jeff ! Thanks :)
      I have not yet been to Khajaraho, but couldn’t agree more with the marvelous details. I loved even sitting inside and enjoyning the intricate work on the interior ceiling !!!

      I want to capture this lovely place in all its glory at the peak of the winter, when everything is white :)


      • It’s very welcoming place…no “in your face” attitude…mellow & relaxing…so unlike the average US religious institution. I lived near the Evanston border in Chicago and used to take long walks all along the lake thru Evanston and stop off at the Temple en route to the Yellow Line back to home. By the way, I also love some of your Mahabs shots…don’t know if you know it but I live in Mahabs…the 5 Rathas never look as good as your photos!


        • True Jeff, there are a very few places that are welcoming, especially when u go in with a hefty camera and tripod too :) There are definitely lot more jems around here in Chicago !
          Glad to know u live around Mahabs. I love sitting and spending time near the butterball rock …
          So nice of u, thanks a lot of the compliments, its all about the light right :)


  2. beautiful picture .. taken you sir are a great photographer



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