Fall Colors at the Grist Mill

The Cedar Creek Grist Mill – Stumbled across this lovely place by chance. Did not realize it was such a prominent landmark. Located just couple of miles from woodland, WA – this mill still holds the original structural integrity, grinds with stones even today and is water powered. Being a little more than a century old, the place is definitely rustic. The stream of water, the covered bridge and the colors of the fall definitely adds to the splendid scenery. If you are around here is the pacific north west, now is the best time to visit the place. The fall colors are at its peak. If not, you can always enjoy the same thru my shots :)

Camera : Canon 7D
Lens : Canon 10-22 mm
Filter : Circular Polarizer + 3 Stop ND Filter
ISO 100 : 13 mm : f22 : 2 sec

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Woodland, Washington, USA

10 Comments to “Fall Colors at the Grist Mill”

  1. Beautiful colors and excellent exposure. I love the way the water came out.


    • Edith – Had to get under the bridge to get this perspective, Given the rains and the fall leaves everywhere, it was quite slippery. But at the end it was all worth it :)


  2. Gorgeous shot Sathya! The Pacific northwest reminds me a lot of the Smoky Mountains which is my all time favorite place to shoot.


  3. brilliant photograph….the shutter and the exposure is just perfect for the autmn and the water flow :)


  4. Hey Naresh – thanks for the compliments and welcome to the blog !!!


  5. i wanna be a photographer now can u teach me? im 15


    • Ivanka – It has nothing to do with age. Actually the younger the better :) All you need is a passion and the will to follow the same. If you are really keen, drop me a note using the contact page and will share some links online to get started !!!


  6. Stunning!!!! Do you have a e-mail follow button?


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