Spooky side of The Crystal Clear Crater Lake

Crater Lake probably has inspired hundreds of people. One can say no place else on earth is such pure deep lake, sooo blue, sheer surrounding cliffs of around two thousand feet high combined with a violent volcanic past. It definitely is a place of immeasurable beauty but did u know there is a spooky side to the place.

That particular day or rather evening, the sun was setting just behind my back. I was not aware that it was full moon and that the moon rise coincided with the sunset. I was happy to see the moon, just I was about to leave. Deciding get some shots, set up the tripod to capture the moon. The shades from the twilight were extraordinarily bright and the blue lake was pretty much under spooky pinkish blanket. For a moment I was able to get a glimpse of the eerie and spooky side of the lake, that not many people are aware of ….

Happy Halloween :)

P.S: The tree trunk was enhanced to highlight the texture, age and details and the moon was slightly enlarged, but the colors were as is from the scene !

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Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA

16 Responses to “Spooky side of The Crystal Clear Crater Lake”

  1. :) another beautiful picture


  2. Fantastic image Sathya. I love the composition and depth. It really draws the viewer in.


  3. Wow. Great shot indeed!


  4. The tree really frames this up nicely! I like that you brought the texture out. Beautiful shot!


  5. Great (and perhaps a tad spooky) image!


  6. the colors are brilliant :) great photograph….following you now :)


  7. Appreciate the follow Naresh, Glad u liked it as much :)


  8. awesommee!!!



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