The Wall of Falls

One of the best ways to enjoy the Columbia George, at least to begin with, is by car. It gives a feel of the scenic vistas, hikes and the various point of interests spread along the way. This route is historic but definitely never gets old. Depending on the time of the year, the experience is varied. If you are lucky to be around there, just after continuous rain and the start of the spring, when the snow melt adds to it – u can see unnamed falls in literally every corner. This particular afternoon I was presented with the epic scene of multiple falls from across the river. Fortunately I was on the Columbia George scenic route and not the parallel I-84 highway. I was able to pull over, hike up a bit thru the trees to get a better view. Though afternoon, it was still foggy. It appeared heavenly, as the mist was kind of culminating down to the falls.

Sometimes all you have to do is look, right :)

    Unnamed Falls
Columbia George Scenic Highway, Oregon, USA

13 Comments to “The Wall of Falls”

  1. OH MY GOD moment ….. beautiful


  2. Indeed- all we have to do is look, but we are so caught up with our lives and stresses that sometimes that is the one thing we never land up doing- there is so much more beauty than we observe in everyday things.


  3. incredibly beautiful setting. imo maybe could have stepped further to the left…that way coulda avoided the trees in the foreground. it looks like a beautiful painting otherwise!


  4. yes! yes! yes! all we need is to look! Let us name the falls one by one :-)


    • Hey Shree, I might run out of names. Additionally would have difficulties in locating them in couple of weeks as the water flow subsides. We came across atleast ~5 more unnamed waterfalls apart from the ones above from the short drive :)


  5. OH wow. This is so great, grand and beautiful. Nicely clicked too. :)


  6. Amazing photo – what an incredible scene!


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