Latourell Falls – first and among best of Columbia George

Latourell Falls at the Columbia George is stunningly beautiful, it is also one special place for me. The profile photo that I use online was shot here, by my wife. It was not a planned shot at all, shot just at that moment … some sweet memories.

Recently, the seasons definitely are mixed up. We started off spring with snow shower out here in the pacific northwest. And after couple of days of rain & snow, it was supposed to be a clear for the weekend. It was kind of overcast, but the sun did peep out at times with a crack of blue sky. Given the snow melt and the rain, the falls were roaring, literally spraying water within ~50+ feet off its base. Generally I have shot this falls from the base – but today I was neither prepared, nor was I in any mood to get drenched. But I was glad I decided to shoot from the highway. The mix of the weather and the afternoon sun enhanced the yellow colored lichen cliff walls and the foliage. Including the bit blue sky helped capture the mood of the day – as I experienced – for you to enjoy ! Have a nice weekend.

    Latourell Falls
Columbia George Scenic Highway, Oregon, USA

8 Comments to “Latourell Falls – first and among best of Columbia George”

  1. It’s gorgeous. I was there last spring but didn’t have a lot of time to spend at the Gorge. I hope I can get back this spring.


    • Thanks Bikram, it indeed turned out to be a beautiful day too, thought I was initially skeptical of it being overcast and drizzling ! May be everything happens for a reason :)


  2. Wonderful. If you get a chance visit the tunnel falls and eagle falls which is a 7 miles hike in to the forest uphill on the Columbia gorge. That would be a breath taking view. I have been twice and the sound of water and flow mesmerized me.


    • Hey Suresh, Glad u enjoyed it !!! Thanks for the suggestion, am tempted more now. yes have read about Tunnel falls – Eagle creek hike has been eluding me, may because of the length, am looking for the right company. Hopefully it will work out this spring.


  3. Simply amazing, what talent!


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