Falling Down

Silver Falls state park that houses the famous Trail of Ten Falls is the largest of the Oregon State Parks. If it is the home of handful of gorgeous waterfalls, it has to be large, right. This forest area, by virtue of almost 80 inches annual rainfall is part of the rarely occurring temperate rainforests of the coastal pacific northwest.

Though it was almost afternoon, the overcast sky and the still passing fog helped capture the amazing light and the milky waterfall. Circular polarizer along with ND4 (Neutral Density) aided in capturing the multitudes of greens. Though the scene itself looks remote, dense and deep in the jungles (if I may call so) this North falls can be enjoyed right from the car as you drive to the South Falls where the Trail of Ten Falls actually begins.


    North Falls, Silver Falls
Sublimity, Oregon, USA

15 Comments to “Falling Down”

  1. Gorgeous shot! I love the different shades of green in the trees, and the composition is great. I have pictures of these falls that I’m posting later this week, but from a closer perspective!


  2. Beautiful Picture — enjoyed!
    God Bless You!


  3. like a postcard this one. beautiful.


  4. that would look so beautiful as my desktop ..
    so beautiful


    • Hi Bikram – Thanks for the compliments.
      Feel free to use it on ur desktop !!! Did u know you can get a larger version of all the photos by clicking thru them (takes to my photo site, where u can download for personal use or buy them in beautiful large prints) !!!


  5. This is one of your best! I loved it. Stunning shades of green. And these are my favorite trees!

    Wonderful! :)


    • Hi Nandini – Thanks for the encouraging words. It was indeed stunning, the lovely for, milky fall and so many many shades of green. As my son was telling, those evergreen trees are lovely irrespective of the season :)


  6. Gorgeous shot. Love your composition.


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