An Evening Walk @ Cannon Beach

This is a beautiful Cannon Beach sunset, on a cold winter evening. Haystack Rock @ Cannon Beach, is definitely an iconic location of the Oregon Coast. It is huge, i mean literally, standing at 235 feet tall. Makes one feel so small and humble ! We had planned for the tide pools at the rock, to get some hand on playing with Nemo’s friends. Unfortunately, it was high tide and there was no way to get to the rock. Note to self : Next time check the tide table before going to the beach. Did u know, there is an app for that too :)

Anyways, the high tide did help is capturing a wonderful sunset. Loved the way how the cool blue of the sky and the golden sun, serenely reflects on the receding waters. Come join me for a evening walk and enjoy the sunset !!!

    Haystack Rock
Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

10 Comments to “An Evening Walk @ Cannon Beach”

  1. This is very beautiful, and peaceful too. It surely would be great setting to a day. :)

    Great photo.


  2. very cool and pleasant shot!!….its soothing for eyes….simply superb!!!!….


  3. Beautiful mood in this picture! Great colours and light!


  4. I love the reflections on the wet sand. Beautiful shot!


  5. Lovely shot of the sunset reflecting the water, Sathya! :)


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