Big Temple @ Tanjore, India

The Big Temple, as rightly said, was constructed by Raja Raja Chola nearly 1000 years back – to be precise in 1010 AD. This is also the world’s first complete granite temple and an brilliant example of the grandeur and the major heights achieved by Cholas in Tamil architecture. Also know by the names of Brihadeeswarar temple or Rajarajeswaram – this Shiva temple – still stands as the largest temple in India, with the main vimana towering to 216 feet.

This week shot is SOOC (Straight out of camera) of the main vimana / tower at the Brihadeeswarar temple. Even with all the wooden frame around the vimana for some maintenance work (yeah! such a bad timing for the visit), could feel the awe and grandeur of the architecture. The temple had been sculpted to detail in every nook and corner. It is so spacious  with the open dance floor, huge lawn and multiple sanctum. This shot gives a much closer view of one of the hundreds of pillars out there. Makes one wonder on the amount of passion, dedication and work that would gone behind these marvels. If you are planning for a trip to south India, this is a must have on the iternary !!!

    Brihadeeswarar Temple
Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, India

11 Responses to “Big Temple @ Tanjore, India”

  1. Thanks for all the info, I jsut read another article on this yesterday by one of th othr bloggers ..

    Will visitit one day god willing …


  2. Fabulous! I can feel the silence around the temple through your photo!


  3. Wow :) Silence in the golden! Awesome, :)


  4. Beautiful image. I’ve been surfing your site and just wanted to let you know that your images are outstanding. :)


  5. Fantastic shot. I love how you capured the people on the lawn – it really gives a sense of scale and shows how grand it is. Beautiful work.


    • Hi Louise, I was disappointed that there was so much maintenance constriction [the rods and sticks u see in the middle tier] happening on the tower when I visited the place, hence I was kind of going in for the wide angle shot. But was really happy with the results, glad u like it too !



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