Mt Hood on a Really Really Cold Day

There are some amazing view(s) of Mt Hood when you drive on I84 or US 26. But there are very few places, where you can park and  enjoy the view. This is from, one such pull out, right on US 26. Apart from the ample parking, you can get just across the fence, for a nice panoramic view. It is around the final curve before reaching Mt hood, when driving from Portland thru US 26. To be exact, here is the spot on Google maps .

This particular day, it was probably so cold that even the majestic Mt hood was trying to tuck herself in her own blanket of clouds. It was just magical to watch.

Though I do love the first snow, some how the days seems to be too cold and overcast this year. Winter is just here and I have already started dreaming of the fall and awaiting for the spring, ha ha ha … Anyways how is the weather there & how is winter treating you !!!

Mt Hood National Forest
Mt Hood, OR, USA

16 Responses to “Mt Hood on a Really Really Cold Day”

  1. Beautiful photo. Majestic mountains. :)


  2. wow!!! fabulous view sathya..whats the spec of your cam?is it a slr?

    yes..we feel so humble and gifted to see her majesty and beauty
    thx again


    • Hey Jothi – How r u ! Welcome to the blog & thanks for the comments. Rightly said, humble was the feeling when ur in presence of natures grandeur …
      On the gear – started off with the canon S2 and currently shoot with Canon 7D , helps me capture and share what I see !


  3. Wooow..Not getting any other word


  4. Nice Shot Satya. I love that little smoke like cloud on top of the peak. Do you have a close up of that?


  5. Wow… looks like a simple magic… great piece of work… It always need a different perception for such kind of photography and you are an expert.


    • Hey Sukant – welcome …
      Yeah Photography had indeed thought me to look at things differently. But not sure if that makes me an expert thought :) Thanks for the kind words !!!


  6. Hey Sathya!
    Happy New Year to you!

    This is an amazing shot, as though the grand snow-capped mountain has risen from among the thick foliage :-).


  7. It’s truly magical, with it like being on another planet, huge picture !


  8. Glorious!! Wow, breathtaking.



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