Sunrise from Matunga Hill, Hampi

“If dreams were made of stone , it would be hampi”  – One can completely relate to it, the moment they get into the vicinity of the place. Hampi – has some amazing and stupendous architecture captured in stone from the Vijayanagara period. Apart from the architecture, the place is also know for some strong and dynamic sunrise / sunsets. Matunga hill is a prominent hike up, where one can enjoy the same. Since a relatively a larger crowd trickle in to bid goodbye to the sun rather than to witness the sunrise, I decided to hike up at dawn. There are a couple of paths leading to the topmost point, where the Veerabhadra Temple is located. It is better to carry a torch irrespective of if you are planning for the sun rise or the sun set as the place is not well lit. After taking up the stepped ramp from the west , reached the top just prior to sun raise. There were only a very few folks around, but was really surprised to see a small shop selling garam garam tea and noodles, at that place and time :)

As it was quiet misty, was not hoping much for the sun to come out. Just as I was enjoying the watery tea, the sun decided to give a peek out. It was quiet dramatic, with the Achyuta raya temple at the foothills , the dense forest and the sun peeking thru the misty morning mountains afar. Boy, was I glad to have the 10-24mm wide angle. Did my best to capture it, though I knew I was not able to do complete justice.

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Sunrise, Matunga Hill, Hampi
Karnataka, India

15 Responses to “Sunrise from Matunga Hill, Hampi”

  1. What justice are you talking about? I have noticed that the Sun always peeps out for you :-).
    Beautiful…..I hope I visit this place one day…..


    • May be I just don’t talk abt the instances when the sun decides not to cooperate with me :)
      U definitely should visit this place (Hampi) … but make sure it is not one day, but atleast a week, there is so much around here !


  2. That is a beautiful view. If i get a chance to visit Karnataka sometime, I ll definitely go see this place.


    • Thanks Soumya. Welcome to the blog !
      It definitely is an awesome place. One could spend a week and still feel its not enough here @ Hampi ! Do plan on before hand as the (kind of) guest houses in the vicinity gets filled up during long weekends !


  3. I have visited Hampi and climbed the Mathanga Hill Top at 12 Noon-could not make it at dawn or dusk. The reflecting hues from structures are incredible.


  4. It is difficult to capture sunrises…particularly when the light is so low. You did a great job here, the Achyutaraya temple looks dramatic indeed. I wish you captured a lot more places in India though…even with all the DSLR-wielding warriors now, it takes effort and a sense of timing to capture the essence of a place, like you have done here.


    • Hey Rahul – thanks for such thoughtful comments. There are lot of places in india that I want to visit to capture and enjoy the beauty ! Will try to share more from my india travels :)


  5. This a an excellent capture. The dedication that you showed (waking up early, planning, etc.) itself is something to be applauded.. Keep up the good work..

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