Life is Wonderful

When you are calm and centered inside,
noise is musical ; clouds are magical
stones are beautiful ; life itself is wonderful !

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Sunset, Mirror Lake Scenic Byway
Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Utah, USA

10 Comments to “Life is Wonderful”

  1. Hey Satya, you really write some awesome quotes….smetyms the lines u write resonate with the line of thoughts i have at that pt of tym….amazing…….please keep it going……this is one of my favorite :)


  2. Great framing and color Satya. Love the sun peaking through.


    • @Les – Thanks for the compliments. Though we went to the mirror lake, this was from an unscheduled stop on the way back. Stopped by to across the road to enjoy the sunset , and am glad we did !


  3. Absolutely beautiful Love the small sun star in the middle. Great silhouettes! Where is this??


    • @Adam – small sun star – i like it :)
      Thanks. This is from near Mirror Lake, some where on the (mirror lake) scenic byway in the Wasatch-Cache Forest area of Utah.


  4. Nice symmetry on both sides of the sparkle!


    • @Sree – look closer it really is not symmetrical, right ! …yeah I hear u, Nature is real amazing, nothing is exactly in symmetry, yet things are lined up so much in synergy at the same time !!!


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