Right or Wrong !!!

Flowers in general are always cool to shoot with – they are colorful, attractive and if you are lucky, they would be just stand still, for as long as you want, with a little bit of support from wind :). So when I came across the vibrant lily at Meenmutty Falls Resort , was delighted. This was shot during broad afternoon day light and was surprised the way it turned out. I had always thought that these kind of shots were made within a studio set up. All I did here, was used circular polarizer to make the water, non reflective and dark. Playing a bit with curves and levels, helped lose some of the other unwanted details. What do you think of the result ?

Below is a (so called) Haiku that I wanted to share alongside this shot !

Sometimes when
Every thing looks right & Every thing looks wrong … simultaneously
Look again
There is nothing wrong about the right &
There is nothing right about the wrong !!!

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Violet Lily
Meenmutty Falls Resort, Kerala, India


12 Comments to “Right or Wrong !!!”

  1. Love it! I might crop a bit of the background black out to bring more attention to the flower. But what a great shot!!


    • Hi Steve, Welcome to the blog & thanks for the comment …
      I intentionally wanted to have the shot kind of cornered, liked it much better than a centered crop, but then it is all a personal preference, right !!!


  2. You make it sound very simple..Beautiful shot! Ungaludaya ‘haiku’ is great too. I managed to read some of the kirukalgals. Wondering if your thozhi vandu sollivittu ponargala, why unglakku enthirpaarpu avarodu endru??? :-)


  3. Is it possible to not use a polarizer, not have a studio, and still manage to block out the water and the leaves somehow? I’ love to know! This is brilliant, Sathya. And I was still reading, so I am going to your ‘scribblings’ blog.


    • Hi Priya – when I read the comment – “no polarizer , no studio set up , still get the shot ” – my first thought – what the heck … but it really got me thinking. U know what, there is indeed a much better way. Instead of the broad day light , need to plan the shoot on a dark night and use a focus light to do a light painting shot. Will try it sometime and share the results :)
      & thanks for that !!!


  4. Lovely! I love the simplicity and the lighting.


  5. Thanks for sharing this – the picture and the Haiku! Beautiful!!!


  6. Sathya, just LOVE this one! Such drama. Beautiful!


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