Chosen One, but for what ?

This is from the Miramar Beach, Goa. As part of the stay at Bogmallo, we were offered to be taken to Basilica and Panjim City for some shopping, before the evening Cruise. Opting to miss on the shopping & getting dropped off at Miramar Beach for sunset, turned out to be not that bad a choice. Walking toward the beach, it was not just cloudy, but real overcast too.

There were around the 8-12 ships lined up at the horizon. As I was thinking – all chances for a great sunset were bleak – it just happened. For a moment, the clouds opened up, a little bit with drama, to allow the rays fall on one of the ships, as if it was chosen for something. The evening sky was kind of red. I waited to see if it would be sucked up into space like in alien movies, but nothing happened :)

As for the processing, this is straight out of camera, with just some level adjustments. I know it is kind of dark, but felt it rather added to mystery around the shot and overall. What do you think !?Chosen One

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Miramar Beach
Panaji, Goa, India


10 Comments to “Chosen One, but for what ?”

  1. This is beautiful composition


  2. Very beautiful! I love the way the red light is reflected just a little bit in the water…


    • Sukanya – Thanks.
      Yeah , me too. The entire scene was there just for a couple of minutes. It was a little out of the world, the way the light was shining just around that particular ship !


  3. Didn’t the rays fall on you too, to be the chosen photographer of the moment?? :-)
    The Aliens wanted you to take the shot and not for you to be assimilated into their collective!!!
    Beautiful shot and has an alien feel to it.


  4. Great – very red, unusual but really nice! we like it :D


  5. Wow, definitely a lot of drama! I, myself, would maybe lighten it up a bit to see the ships better, but as you mentioned somewhere else, it’s totally a personal preference and it depends on the story you want to share with your photo. As it is, it’s definitely very apocalypse-like. I really dig these kind of dark, dramatic shots. I have a weird obsession with the end of the world. :)


    • I left it dark, as I did not want to loose on the kind of ring on the setting sun (did u notice it :) ) I was definitely not planning for an end of the world shot, but when thing unfolded, I really was glad that it did :)


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