Nature’s way of keeping balance

This weeks shot is in entire contrast to last weeks spring image with so much vibrance and energy. It is from enroute to the dream land of Hampi from Bangalore. The dry brittle land reminded me of drought, but the monsoon storm that was building up that afternoon, was so very promising. For reasons unknown this scene evoked a mix of emotions in me. Nature has a peculiar, but very effective way of keeping things in balance. Be it thru drought or flood, famine or tsunami, forest fire or rain, abundance or dearth – there is a reason and rhyme behind everything. It just happens, with the flow.

But we humans – are so prone to – not just getting stuck with something , but not willing to move on either.  It is so very tough for us to accept and move on – “Sometimes you hurt yourself more than anyone else ever could. Look deep, then you might understand better.”

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Enroute to Hampi from Bangalore
Karnataka, India


18 Comments to “Nature’s way of keeping balance”

  1. What an amazing photo!


  2. You seem to have stolen my thought!!!

    I am beginning to wonder what it is that you hold in your hands. Is that a camera or something else! Amazing photo and what is more amazing is the different shades of sunlight on a greenish parched land! Now is that an impression of a dinosaur that I am seeing??


    • @Knot2Share – stolen ur thought ?! may be it was in the same wavelength !
      thanks a bunch for the kind words, glad that ur enjoying my photography. btb wow – amazing how we see the same things so very different. From shooting, to processing to posting, never noticed the dinosaur , u got a good eye !!!


  3. You are very true!…very nice shot!!…


  4. Beautiful shot, I like the use of negative space.


  5. Beautiful image – love the contrast of colours.
    Are you using some sort of cooling filter at the top to give it a bluer hue? Or is there some HDR going on here?


  6. It’s such an amazing photo ! I really like the colours. Good work here. :)


  7. Hey, I really love this photo! I especially love the details in the cracks in the dirt. Yes, nature is amazing and does a great job of keeping a balance. And yes, absolutely we humans suck at this. Especially when we interfere with nature – we definitely ruin this balance.


    • @Preeti, The HDR technique really helped accentuate the details to a great extent. On the second one, wish we collectively have better awareness conscience :)


  8. Beautiful!


  9. WoW.. wat cam n lens do you use.. mindblowing pic


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