Rapeseed Fields of England

As we were driving back from Warwick castle to London – there was stretch – where these yellow fields of rapeseed, spread for miles and miles together. As much as I wanted to just pull over, was very reluctant, as I was on the highway and new to the country, and getting used to the right hand driving – had to force myself to focus more on the driving ! Just then saw an exit and took the same, by instinct.  As luck would have it – was on a narrow country road surrounded by this beauty. Lost no time in pulling over the road. Along with my brother, literally jumped over the fence and ran over these fields. aaaah, the beauty of spring, It indeed was so refreshing. The late afternoon sun, along with the building storm added much depth to this shot. Here is the English country side for you to enjoy.

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Rapeseed Fields, Enroute London from Warwick Castle
London, United Kingdom

5 Responses to “Rapeseed Fields of England”

  1. Beautiful! I can actually feel the depth in the picture.


  2. Beautiful image, a field of yellow rape-seed combined with a dramatic sky, you can’t go wrong. Finding somewhere to stop and photograph has always been a problem in the UK. I’ve seen some beautiful sights on my travels but been unable to stop safely to take the image.


    • @Mike – Thanks for stopping by. Yeah I could totally relate to that. Just when ur behind the wheels and on the highway , u get amazing scenes to shoot… Am planning to get a custom sticker on my car “Beware of sudden stop ! Photographer Inside” ;-)



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