Camp Fire @ Top of the world

After a five km hike, that too in the night, was exhausting. But having a camp fire, with an awesome view, waiting for the sun to rise – was quiet an adventure. This is from a full moon night trek. Yeah I had posted this shot as part of the travelogue. But I liked the shot soo much that I wanted to get it out here in full glory here @ the main blog for all my friends to enjoy. The way the distant city lights and the camp fire turned out was really vibrant. You should really check out the large size to see the starry sky ! Wish I had reached couple of hours earlier to do a star trail shot, need to plan for it sometime …

If you are planning for a skandagiri trek, do check out this travelogue !

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Full Moon Trek, Skandagiri
Bangalore, India

4 Comments to “Camp Fire @ Top of the world”

  1. Wow! Sounds like quite an adventure. I really like that you got to a higher perspective and were able to capture the fire as well as the city in the distance. I love the overall soft glow of the image too.


  2. @Preeti ! Thanks !!!
    Yeah , 10mm DOES make a difference :)


  3. Well, that was worth the trek I think! Love the orange glow from the camp fire and the city behind, contrasting with that inky blue sky – fabulous.


  4. @Viveca, it indeed was ! As much as love this show and the glow, makes me wonder how a similar shot of a place like Vegas would be, with zillion of lights !!! Thanks for Visiting…


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