Great Salt Lake @ Twilight

Great Salt lake is not one of the pleasant places to be (atleast for me). It is interesting to note that the Great Salt Lake is actually three to five times saltier than the ocean. Given this salinity, there is not much of aquatic life. Some kind of bacterial life (Halophiles) living in high salt concentration areas helps keep the balance of the ecosystems. Due to these activity, the resulting odor is not very pleasant.
But at the same time, this is one of the best spots to catch stunning sunsets. This was shot during one one of those short twilight times, just as the sun went down. It was real soothing to watch the yacht slowly sail across the horizon. oh yeah it is still in the frame, u might need to look a bit close [full size] :)

Buy Print Flickr Page Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City
Utah, USA

4 Comments to “Great Salt Lake @ Twilight”

  1. Oh, fantastic! Thanks for sharing the full size – I found the yatch! That was a lovely surprise.
    I agree, this is a soothing photo. Was it a long exposure? Oh, I notice in the comments it was just 1 second? Really love the softness of the light.


  2. Thanks Preeti, Glad u enjoyed the shot as much as i did. Yeah it was a long exposure of 1 sec :) The low light along with the slow moving water really actuated in creating the soothing effect !


  3. Nice shot! I love the colors and the reflection in the water!


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