Getting Noticed – Kicks ur ego

I have been featured at Best Blogs of WordPress. Really liked that way that the essence of the blog was captured. I think it was reviewed by Michael (not sure though)

Twins in the Wild

Think of
Like the Ocean as something like one part photo blog, and one part technology blog with a dash of personality mixed in for flavor.
Best Blog on WordPress – Unofficial blog review site for wordpress

Best Blog of WordPress – Thanks for featuring and keep up the great work. I found a couple of good blogs going through your site.

Thanks Tylor, for giving me a heads up on it. And folks, Keep visiting for interesting photographs and tech stuffs !!!

And btb getting noticed, does boost ones ego, atleast in a subtle way. Regardless, feels nice to be appreciated. Thanks.


6 Comments to “Getting Noticed – Kicks ur ego”

  1. Little more heads up, Michael didn’t right it. Good guess though.


  2. *write not right. Sorry for the typo.


  3. Out of the four editors @ Best Blog of WordPress, I read that only Michael is a student and this beginning quote ‘Being in the midst of my finals time here on campus…’ forced me to my guess :)

    seems like it was not a good enough guess though. Really sorry about that Tylor.


  4. A reasonable guess, though. Not all of the current editors are listed there as of yet. No need to be sorry. :)


  5. Oh ! I was not aware of that ! May be its time to update the editor section of Best Blog of WordPress ;-)


  6. Maybe so, have to talk to Michael and Bloglily about that one.


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