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The other day while talking with one of my friends, realized that I had a a bunch of old instrumental melodies (carried from India) that he was badly looking for. He wanted it so bad, that he requested me to write a CD and mail it to him. What else could he suggest for a total transfer size of 700+ MB. Though I had a CD writer, I was very reluctant (rather lazy) to write the same to CD and physically mail it to him.

I was thinking if there was a better way of doing the same.There started my search for other available options. I came across a lot of file hosting services of which I were totally dissatisfied for various reasons.

And then came Pando to my rescue. Pando allows you to send really huge files and folders) of 1 GB to anyone (who has Pando installed) through e-mail. The simple interface of Pando is really good.

Install it , e-mail it, forget it. It was that simple. The service is free and comes as plugin for quiet a number of applications like yahoo and skype (though quiet surprisingly I did not find one for Firefox, mmm is someone working on it!). Additionally the latest beta allows you to post huge file(s) to ur blog or web (I am yet to try this part)

But be informed U need to have access to broadband. I really doubt anyone would even think of sending across Gigs of data with only dial-up, on the first place.

I had wanted to write about Pando for quiet some time , but has been postponing the same. Scoble made it easier by posting a video about the same @ Scoble show.

In the above,Yaron Samid, founder of Pando, talks about the technology behind Pando and shows how the same works.

P.S : He mentioned it is a enhancement of Bit Torrent, a kind of peer-2-peer technology. I was just wondering how transferring a bulk of data from one PC to just another would be effective using this technology. Bit torrents generally are from one source to multiple destinations (and the destinations act as sources). Or at least they are faster when there are multiple sources to download. Anyway’s it work fine for me, so I wouldn’t bother much for now.


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