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September 25, 2010

What a place to write ur thoughts out …

This one is from the Hampi trip. It is one awesome place. It really deserves to be called the playground of kings & gods.

As I were enjoying the subtle sunset, saw this girl, all by herself, lost in writing something on her diary – may be something for her beloved

Was about to set the tripod for a classical sunset shot, just then the security rushed to indicate that the tripod was not allowed (as always, wonder where they come from !!!), not very lucky with that. Realized would not be able to capture the dusk, as the light was getting low. Then decided to increase the ISO and try out a diff angle. To compensate for the little noise tried out the textures. Really love the way it adds to the mode of the photo and how it came out.

Flickr Page Hampi Ruins
Karnataka, India
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