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November 10, 2013

And the Winner is …

It was one crazy week, 6 days and 12+ hours each day ! It was so crazy – at one point I was not able to recall my laptop password that I use multiple times each day. It just amazes how our mind remembers things – more visual and pattern based. Anyway I digress – I started to write this post to share an amazing thing that happened this week – the results of Capture the Color Contest were announced, and read further to know who the winner is ;-)

This post is probably going to be more of my feelings and shameless plug ! Feel free to ignore :)

If you had been following me, you already know abt my entry to this competition from a month back. If not – Capture the Color is an annual color based (red, yellow, blue, green, white) photo contest by UK based Travel SuperMarket.

Being selected at the top – out of the 2000+ entries – bought in such an exhilarating feeling. It was so nice to be recognized by some amazing top travel photographer and having the chance to share my work with even lot more folks from around the world. It also bought in feelings of gratefulness and thankfulness – for you – my family and friends – who continue to encourage me relentlessly to capture what I capture – Thank You !

Thank you Judges [Daniel – Blue Judge, Dave – Green Judge  , Abi – Red Judge, Christine – White Judge, Ken – Yellow Judge] and Thanks Travel Supermarket for such a lovely contest. The quality of the submissions and the final selections was awesome.

Head to the announcement to check out the other winners ! There are some amazing shots to be enjoyed.

I really liked this contest – for the way it was organized. Unlike most of the other contest that is based on the social votes (on FB or twitter), this was purely judged by well known photographers and travel enthusiasts. Not that there is anything wrong with the other way of running the contest – just that it has a potential to be biased to who ever has a larger following. In addition – I had been looking up to most of Judge’s work even before knowing about this contest. Hence getting recognized by them – meant even more :) [Have quoted what they had to say on the winning entry below :) ]

When I learnt abt the prize , my immediate thoughts were to get back to shoot the lava from Hawaii. But looks like the ocean lava flow had stopped for now. In this case – for now- could be quiet a while ! Need to work out options on heading out to that spot, I had always wanted to – to shoot and share with you guys and girls. If you have any suggestions do drop in a comment !

Canon 7D : Tamron 18-270 mm : ISO 320 : 270 mm : f5.6 : 1/90 sec

  Chicago Botanical Garden
Glencoe, Illinois, USA

Sathya’s work really stands out. Not only does he know how to use light, color and composition admirably to craft his images, but he also edits them to perfection and creates a moody and surreal atmosphere that just draws you in. A clear winner. – Daniel

I chose Like the Ocean because I felt the collective work really captured the essence of color in travel. From the wonder of witnessing a waterfall for the first time to walking through the forest at sunset, each photo captured a moment we can all relate to in our travels. – Dave

These images really highlight the solitude of travel and exploration. – Abi

This year’s competition was much more of a challenge to judge than last year, but Sathya stands out through some great subject choices coupled with a clear mastery of his camera. Each photo took us to a new world, and was handled masterfully. – Christine

As judges, we had more than 400 blogs to look at when it came to deciding on the overall winner. This time we looked at the overall entry as opposed to one singular image and the entry by Sathya stood out from the others. All of the images were strong contenders for the individual color categories, and as an overall submission this one was a clear choice to me as the top prize winner. I’m looking forward to see where Sathya decides to travel to with the prize money and I am eager to see the photos! – Ken

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