First Time Around


Welcome to my blog which is notJust… myThoughts… myWords… myPhotos… myWorld… Thanks for Visiting the blog and sticking around.

Here you would see that the posts are ranging from travel to tech to photography. This is not a targeted blog, I just write what ever am involved with during that time. But will try to keep it interesting and avoid as much ramblings as possible :) U can find my writing and selective photos showcased here @ my blog hosted at wordpress. If ur looking, just for my photographs you might be interested in checking out my Portfolio at LikeTheOcean.

Finding UR Way Around

The header bar comes in handy to traverse around the different pages of the blog.

If ur interested in a specific category of blog post , say PhotoBlog, use the Major Categories option in the sidebar. This would list only the specific posted under the selected category. The same is true with Technology, Travel etc. U could also use "Subscribe to my Feed" option in the side bar to get the updates in ur favorite feed reader or mail box !

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