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April 29, 2023

Aurora by the city

A little late to process and share & not as grand as the show put up north earlier his week. Still, it was a great experience capturing her dancing and hiding behind the clouds from this past Sun/Mon [4/23 11:30 PM]

The weekend was drawing to a close, and I was getting ready for some much-needed rest before tackling Monday head-on. Suddenly, the aurora alarm went off! Sadly, the ever-unpredictable British weather wasn’t on our side. Nonstop cloud cover is practically a staple here in the UK, and that night was no different. Determined to make the most of it, I researched both weather and aurora forecasts to narrow down my options: either venture up north to Birdlip, a cloudy location with a higher chance of seeing the aurora, or head south to Stonehenge, boasting clearer skies but lower aurora probability. In the end, I took my chances and went for Birdlip viewpoint.

Even amidst significant light pollution, the captivating aurora managed to put on a short but utterly enchanting performance. The cool breeze, the setting crescent moon, the city of Gloucester and Cheltenham all lit up, the aurora gleaming thru the clouds and Lyrids joining the show … What an incredible night it turned out to be!

Sony A7III : Sony 16-35 mm : ISO 1250: 16 mm : f3.2 : 15 sec

Aurora by the city
Birdlip, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

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