Sunset – by the Tulips

Nothing beats a beautiful spring day like a trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Just 30 mins away from downtown – nestled in Mary McDonalds woods – this well kept & curated garden, provides a deserved break to the Urban feel of Chicago. Are u tired of the concrete jungles, wanna breathe some fresh air – not tainted by pollution – just head down to Chicago Botanic Garden. It definitely is a worthwhile place to get ur Zen back :)

And did I say this is a lovely place to enjoy a sunset too …

Canon 7D : Canon 10-22 mm : ISO 100 : 10 mm : f22 : 6 sec 

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Glencoe, Illinois, USA

8 Comments to “Sunset – by the Tulips”

  1. Ah! I see you are making your way north…I also used to go to the Botanic Garden JUST for the tulips…my favorite flower. While up there did you stop off at the Bahai Temple (boundary of Evanston/Winnetka on the corner of Sheridan) ? – truly magnificent – and it’s very welcoming. Enjoy a walk through the Northwestern Campus along the lakefront…more spectacular landscape architecture.


    • Hey Jeff ! Being from PNW I have been spoilt by mile long views of tulips []. But the Chicago garden has a different beauty of its own when it came to the Tulips. Loved the trip :)
      Did stop by Bahai , it is a magnificent place indeed. Definitely on my list to get up there for one sunrise !!!


  2. Tulips my favourite flowers …


  3. Beautiful! Loved the colors.


  4. Fabulous shot! The colours are wonderful :)


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