Rockefeller Chapel @ UOC

The Rockefeller Chapel was designed and erected to be the center and dominant feature of the University of Chicago. Located in the University of Chicago, this beautiful building has become an integral part of the campus.

Rockefeller Chapel is an incredible place and don’t let the term "chapel" fool you.  It’s huge and simply magnificent, with one of the largest if not the largest pipe organs in the state of IL. During sunset the light shines through the stain glass and lit up the interior. As the sun goes down the exterior too, is equivalently beautiful. It is definitely worth checking out in full screen.

Canon 7D : Canon 10-22 mm : ISO 100 : 10 mm : f3.5 : 30 sec 

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Chicago, Illinois, USA

8 Comments to “Rockefeller Chapel @ UOC”

  1. Wow! Beautiful shot. I’ve been waiting for you to get inspired by the architecture of the Windy City since you left Oregon. I spent some years there both near the campus and then up on the Gold Coast. I’ve never been as in love with a place as I have been with Chicago. I hope you continue to shoot both the famous and hidden gems of the place and post them. The Art Deco period produced some very impressive buildings…try the Carbide and Carbon Building on Michigan near Wacker – like a lot of high rises, the best part of it is the roof.


    • Hi Jeff – Am humbled, glad u are following my work and adventures. I do find Chicago as very different from the pacific northwest. But it does have it gems. Thanks a lot for sharing the details on particular spots. Will definitely visit them and share the shots !!!


  2. it indeed is a magnificent building .. and your snapping skills makes it look even more magnificent


  3. Awesome shot!!


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