Painting the Sunset

Know the diff between Science and science fiction : Science needs to sound and feel real to be accepted.
In the same lines : Photos need to feel and look real to some extent. But the painting is not restricted  by these views.

I had been fascinated with painting from young age. I am grateful to have had my chances to play around with the same during my childhood. Growing up, I lost touch with most of these, dabbling only occasionally. There is something magical about working with art that is physical like drawing, painting, pottery or crafts. Something is missing with working on the computer as compared to the old school hand work. But given the constrains especially on time, and to kindle some of those experiences decided to take up digital equivalent, rather than missing out completely.

Have been working on the digital watercolor over the last year, trying out different techniques to get the feel right. It is no way complete and am trying out different things & refining the process, but do love the options it opens up ! It is different, personal and all the more fun. Hoping to create more art of these kind in future.

This week post is watercolor on paper based on the shot from the same location that I had posted earlier. The clouds and the light was changing so rapidly. It was literally a splash of colors. That is the mood I had wanted to share. How do u like it … Looking forward to your comments and feedback :)

Watercolor on Paper

  Busse Woods Lake
Elk Grove, Illinois, USA

6 Comments to “Painting the Sunset”

  1. So you have interest in painting too? Though I don’t have much knowledge about painting, I must say this it’s a perfect replica of source photograph. Bottom right is pretty impressive.Love those variation in colors.


    • Hey Ram – thanks so much :) Yeah I had been interested in painting , but with all the work it has been a long time, hence had been dabbling with the digital ! Appreciate ur kind word and compliments !!!


    • Michelle – I have been trying couple of different work flows.There are different sets of tools including photoshop and wacom. I had been meaning to get an article on the workflow for quite sometime. Will let u know once I get the same out published !


      • that is a great idea.. thx for the info, i recently just downloaded photoshop. I have a Fbpage group>happy pages, where people can upload their works, photos and inspirational quotes, it has really taken off > within the first few minutes of posting, 7 followers and comments, it’s been a week now, and we are just shy 100! Exciting and hopeful that people have responded so well to it. All along the lines of positive thought, creation, and finding and following your life’s purpose – trying also to have helena break out of their comfort zone, and linked several LGBT groups in the area, so they can post as well, and no one can post anything judgmental, or cruel. Just based on love, acceptance, compassion, and love for yourself.

        I have been meaning to update/blog on my whisper site, cuz it started going into this whole different direction, and I want to be true to my heart. I will let you know when I post my first purposeful blog post and create the pates within that creation.. I don’t like that it has been basically an empty blog site, but I don’t want to lose the domain.. lol.. yes, greedy.. ;) If you would like you can check the page, it is public so all can view and post, I just monitor and make sure all is happy joyous and free!! :)


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