Bandon Sea Stack at Twilight

As the forecast was for some really clear skies, I was planning to shoot some sun star today, but the clouds decided otherwise ! Thought the sun went behind the layer of clouds, the colors of twilight didn’t disappoint either. Bandon seems to be having the best of sea stacks in the Oregon coast. There is just such a long stretch that you can spend hours and hours here !!!

Camera : Canon 7D
Lens : Canon 10-22 mm
Filter : 3 Stop ND Filter
ISO 100 : 18 mm : f22 : 10 sec

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Bandon, Oregon, USA

2 Comments to “Bandon Sea Stack at Twilight”

  1. Nicely done Satya. I’d personally have liked a little more light on the rock in the foreground. :)


    • True Ram , I too would have … The light was amazing but also fading really fast – I was running like a chicken to try every other composition. Should have spent time and focused on few to get in a tad more light :)


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