Twilight Colors at Crater Lake

The collapse of the Mount Mazama around 7,700 years ago, led to the formation of the crater which is now famously known as the Crater Lake. If I had to encapsulate Crater lake in a single frame this would be it. The crater, the volcanic remains on the rim, wizard island, serene lake, the gnarled tree showing age – love it all. The sunset was behind me, but the twilight colors and its reflections on the lake was just mesmerizing. After couple of different composition ended up with this panorama of two horizontal shots. Thought the pseudo square composition would lend well to the scene. I loved this off road spot so much that I ended up spending the reminder of the evening out there :) Though this is not the classical cliché shot with deep blue colors of crater lake, something keeps pulling me back to this. How do u like it ?!!!

Camera : Canon 7D
Lens : Canon 10-22 mm
Filter : 3 Stop ND Filter
ISO 100 : 10 mm : f22 : 1.5 sec

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Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA

6 Comments to “Twilight Colors at Crater Lake”

  1. I really like the way you’ve composed this. Excellent.


    • Hey Edith ! It was one of those rare times when I longed for a full frame as I struggled to get the scene with my 10mm :) But at the end was glad with the result I was able to achieve with the pano too !


  2. Gorgeously framed, Sathya. Simply wow. And I loved the colors, of course. :)


  3. This is an amazing shot Sathya! I love how the tree just pulls you into the whole scene! And the colors are great too!


  4. Appreciate the compliments Michael !


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